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Hi! I’m Shawn. I’ve been building ponds since I was 19 and I’m super excited to help you get the water feature you’ve always envisioned for your home.

Together with my parents, Tim and Janelle, and our team, we are here to share our passion and help you create a different lifestyle for you and your family. A lifestyle that gives you the time to reconnect and recharge, to sit with your family and loved ones, to relax and unwind. The time you would otherwise lose in the chaos of life.

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As one of the leading water feature companies in the industry we can assure you that your project is in the right hands. Whether we’re cleaning your existing water feature or building a new pond or waterfall for you, we have your back.


Janelle and Joey came out to my pond yesterday and gave it a much-needed cleaning. The first big plus was that they came to Dorchester. Many companies say it’s too long a drive or that they don’t serve our part of Boston.

They appeared within the time range promised and were friendly and easy to work with. They pumped the old water into a huge portable pool, where the fish had plenty of oxygen while they worked.

As I requested, they composted the muck and extra water hyacinth into my bin and overflow pile. They did an excellent job and left things neat.

One thing I always note about people who do work for us is the way they treat one another. Janelle and Joey were easy and nice together.
When the work was finished, Janelle gave me suggestions and advice about best maintenance practices and sources for materials.

In the spring, I’ll have them back to work on our outdated underwater lighting. I’ll certainly recommend them to my friends who need pond services.

Betsy Harris Caruso


As an industry professional, writing reviews for other industry professionals puts my reputation on the line.

And in this case, it’s a no brainer ! Shawn has trained and built with the best of the best in this industry, and possesses the skills needed to create some beautiful artwork in your backyard, or place of business !

I would not consider any other water feature designer that has not gone through, or does not still grow their abilities with constant continued education in their field.

Rest assured that hiring this artist will bring years of enjoyment and relaxation to your daily grind !

BJL Aquascapes