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What Is Exploratory Drain & Clean?

The Exploratory Drain & Clean is the best way to assess and diagnose your water feature. We use this service as a tool to not only clean and check the condition of your backyard pond or waterfall but to educate and answer all questions you have.

During your exploratory pond cleaning, we remove your koi and other pond fish and critters and store them in large holding tanks while we work on your water feature. We take this time to inspect each fish for any disease, infection, or wound and then with your permission will attempt to treat them on sight if possible.

The Exploratory Drain & Clean also helps us identify any leaks and professionally address the problem area. At the end of the process, you have a clean water feature, a clear understanding of what you have, and fish that are happy in their new home.

Who Should Consider An Exploratory Drain & Clean?

We always perform an exploratory drain and clean for new customers who have an existing backyard pond or waterfall that we did not install ourselves.

Most of the time our customers just bought the home and inherited a water feature that’s not running properly.

They usually have a ton of questions and want to learn about what they have, how it works, and what they need to do in order to successfully enjoy their new water garden.

You should get an Exploratory Drain & Clean if:

How It Works

As Certified Aquascape Contractors, we have years of experience in troubleshooting and repairing all kinds of pond and water feature problems. They all start with an Exploratory Drain & Clean. Here’s how we do it:

Draining and Cleaning Your Pond

We start with draining the pond to get to the bottom of it, while carefully removing your fish. Once your water feature is empty, we perform a thorough clean.

Inspection And Reflling

Once the pond is clean, we inspect every inch of it to check for holes, leaks, or other issues. Once complete, we start refilling your water feature.


As soon as the cleaning and inspection is done, we educate you on our findings. We'll also guide you on best practices you can do to help keep your pond looking its best shape for longer.

Exploratory Drain & Clean Prices

Ponds bring incredible value to any home, but only if they work and look a certain way. Regardless of your pond issue, we're here to give you your pond back.

Basic Exploratory Drain & Clean*


Starting Exploratory Drain & Clean and diagnosis for a small pond.

Basic Exploratory Drain & Clean*


Starting Exploratory Drain & Clean and diagnosis for a small pond. Does not include a repair.

Average Exploratory Drain & Clean*


Exploratory Drain & Clean, diagnosis, and repair of a medium-sized pond.

Large Exploratory Drain & Clean*


Exploratory Drain & Clean, diagnosis, and repair of a large pond.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on the size of your pond, the state of it, and the repairs needed. You’ll receive an exact quote for your pond repair or renovation after the in-home visit.

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The Proof Of Happy Customers

As one of the leading water feature companies in the industry we can assure you that your project is in the right hands. Whether we’re cleaning your existing water feature or building a new pond or waterfall for you, we have your back.


Top notch every step of the way from follow up initial phone calls before work began to fast, professional, friendly service in the field.

I had a relatively small job that needed diagnosis and repair. The job was approached with the same care and consideration as if I was spending ten times the amount.

Contractors from different disciplines could learn a lot from how NE Aquatic Landscaping approaches customer service.

Steve Baracsi


I bought this house with a Koi pond. Did no know anything about it or how to care for the fish properly.

I called them to come out and clean it for me and they not only cleaned it, they answered my questions and provided information for me as far as the future repairs that could come up in the future.

The pond was just done again 4/2019 and it looks great. They made an onsite repair to the check valve and the falls are ready to flow…….

Very happy with the staff, very friendly, efficient and if you ask a question that they do not know the answer to, they will find the answer and get back to you before they leave. Would definitely recommend.

Vickie Drew


Shawn and I just completed a revamp of a pondless waterfall at a public library.

Shawn graciously donated his time to improve this public retreat. His great work ethic and artistic eye, along with his passion for the water garden industry make it an easy recommendation for me to make.

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Shawn for your waterfeature or hardscape project, in fact, I may just bring him in to help with my next big job.

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