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A Pond You Can Swim In?

Pools are our best friends on hot summer days, and they make any backyard fun. But what if there is a healthier, more environmentally-friendly way of cooling off? One that embraces nature instead of fighting against it?

The answer is a natural swimming pool. Instead of building a classic swimming pool that requires filters, chemicals, and uses a lot of energy to function, we can mimic mother nature to create a pond-like swimming pool.

Also called recreational ponds, a natural swimming pool harnesses the power of nature, complete with plants and gravel, to create a complete ecosystem that naturally and healthily cleans and maintains itself.

What better place to swim with the fish than with them in your own backyard?

You Deserve The Best - Dare To Imagine The Impossible

Imagine swimming in a pond, snorkeling next to your favorite fish, with dragonflies gliding over the surface of the water and birds sunbathing in the evenings. All these in the privacy of your own backyard, away from unwanted eyes.

This is what natural swimming pools are all about. From streams and waterfalls to bubbling fountains and all the plants and fish you can imagine, your swimming pool can truly be your private oasis.

At New England Aquatic Landscaping, we have all the experience and skills to give you a swimming pool that excites you every day, every season, and helps you create lifelong memories with your friends and family.

How It Works

Natural pools, recreational ponds, or natural swimming pools - they all mean the same thing: the ultimate backyard oasis you can lose yourself in, surrounded by the best nature has to offer. Here’s how we do it:

The Dream

Get in touch with us via phone call, email, or text, and tell us about your dream swimming pond. We’ll ask for some photos to better understand your vision, and we’ll have a phone consultation to discuss everything in detail.

The Creation

Before starting on your project, Shawn and his team will have a home visit to meet with you in person and share your vision. Once all the details are set, we’ll begin working on your natural swimming pool, keeping you informed along the way.

The Celebration

Take a dip whenever you want in a swimming pool that’s not only a healthy place for all the family to have fun, but is also low maintenance and eco-friendly. Enjoy all the fish, the plants, and the sense of being one with nature.

Natural Swimming Pools Prices

Trade in the classic pool with its unsightly filtration units for beautiful flowering aquatic plants and a natural waterfall. Natural swimming pools allow you to get close to nature whenever you want, and we’re here to help you achieve that dream.

Children’s Recreational Pond*

Starting at


18x25 3 ft. deep, with a 3 ft. stream.

Average Swimming Pond*

Starting at


25x30 4 ft. deep, with a 5 ft. stream.

Large Swimming Pond*

Starting at


30x40 5 ft. deep, with a 5 ft. stream.

*Prices are averages and may change depending on your location, access and digging conditions, size, and design of your swimming pond and additional features you choose. You’ll receive an exact quote for your swim pond after the in-home visit.

Natural Swimming Pools Portfolio

The Proof Of Happy Customers

As one of the leading water feature companies in the industry we can assure you that your project is in the right hands. Whether we’re cleaning your existing water feature or building a new pond or waterfall for you, we have your back.


As an industry professional, writing reviews for other industry professionals puts my reputation on the line.

And in this case, it’s a no brainer ! Shawn has trained and built with the best of the best in this industry, and possesses the skills needed to create some beautiful artwork in your backyard, or place of business !

I would not consider any other water feature designer that has not gone through, or does not still grow their abilities with constant continued education in their field.

Rest assured that hiring this artist will bring years of enjoyment and relaxation to your daily grind !

BJL Aquascapes


We recently had a pond and waterfall built by this incredible company at our Milford Ma home and could not be any more impressed and satisfied!

From the beginning we felt comfortable with this family run business! We first met with Tim who came out to meet us. He was very thorough and made us feel at ease, especially seeing how we did not know anything about this nor how we exactly wanted it to look like.

When it came time for the construction Shawn atrived with another employee Joey to get started on the project. It was 100 degrees out and they battled through it to complete the job in 5 days.

Shawn was relentless and his positive energy was worth every penny!

He has a passion for what he does and it shows in his work, how he treats his customers and his employees! We already have them lined up for more work in the spring!!!

If you are looking to transform your yard into something beautiful this is the company to use!

Chris L Jordan

Get Your Ultimate Backyard Oasis With A Natural Swim Pond And Elevate Your Outdoor Lifestyle